Holding on to me

Wednesday, August 08 2018, 7:38AM

Hi everyone,

I'm about to do something quite huge - talk about my story at a huge conference.

Lots of exposure on all levels.

So this morning as I have woken up I thought I would turn to my old friend EnabeMe where I found comfort and company as I began the process of delving into private wounds from many years ago.

What is it about this place, it was the lack of other distractions of marketing and advertising that helped settle my thoughts. The cleanliness of the screen as I seemed to need to purge such revolting memories. It was like that screen was accepting of whatever I threw at it. It met me where I was at and I didn't care if no one responded - maybe that's a sign that no on responded to me for too long, I became used to the fact that no one responded and that is a very lonely place. 

It's different for everyone of course, I get that . I always got that and it was shattering to read of predicted "behaviours" of somebody with a brain injury on a seemingly harmless and informative pamphlet back in 1993.  Isolating me even more when I read it and thought - well that's not like me at all - but now that is what people are going to think of me. How do I not get lost in all of this?

That is where my passion lies, seeing people navigate this thing called stroke and brain injury and grief and seeing them holding onto or letting go of shreds of what makes them who they are.as they face the world. Walking beside people wherever they are at. I needed more of that way back in 1993.

And I feel better for even putting down these words now. And I will move with the week holding onto me.

Once again 

Thank you EnableMe.

Your friend Sue