Wednesday, September 20 2017, 6:37AM

The stroke survivors with whom I work are far more accurately described as victims of the machine which was deliberately conceived by the major political parties to defraud and embezzle. Most individuals with experience of brain injuries, be they actual 'stoke' people or carers / advocates, will have some experience of the communication issue aphasia.


To date, community education regarding aphasia has been sadly lacking and ineffective, with the consequence that most individuals who encounter aphasia automatically jump to the conclusion that the afflicted person is completely non compos mentis. In  reality, the universal medical and allied health professional opinion is that there is no relationship between aphasia and intelligence.  The wanton abuse of aphasia people irritates me immensely, to the point where I'm investigating options to bring criminal actions against a number of abusers in public office as is provided for in the (Commonwealth) Disability Discrimination Act 1992


I'd appreciate feedback from others who have experience with this issue. Whilst my partner is one of the very fortunate aphasia people, having only relatively mild impairment and then only when stressed, she has gone to great lengths to recover 'normality'. I doubt that many would exhibit the same obsession, and consequently their experience of unwarranted abuse, particularly from the uber-arrogant officialdom with which Australia is infested would be very significant. My pet hate is the guardianship racket (kangaroo tribunal, Adult Guardian and Public Trustee cabal) but I'll happily take on any bureaucrazy (mis-spelling intended). If perchance I can provide some assistance in this respect, I'd be only too glad to do whatever I can. Doug Young 0488531924 / 046616105 / dougy@brizzie.net / brizzie@live.com