Caring for Hubby

Friday, January 19 2018, 1:40PM

I have decided to do something for myself and write a small blog.

This is my personal story. The story of a very distressing and anxious time when a great deal of support and empathy was needed.  

My life for the last 12 months has been filled with different types of emotion. My husband had a bowel operation for cancer in February 2017. In total until 18th of December 2017, he had a total of 6 operations.

However, all I will say it was getting lost in my own world. I had to every night for the first  5 months wake up every  2 and a half hours to attend to him.

Thank  goodness  for mobile alarms. I was so tired. So I decided  when he slept during the day I made sure I laid down as well. My couch became my bed for ten months. To survive I also saw a counsellor and a physcologist to get strategies in place for myself. My speech, tiredness, crying, aching brain, all over the place. Hubby's delirum for months did not help as everything that came out of mouth, my brain believed it was the truth, so the tears would flow. My speech was all over the place.

Hubby has a lot  of help with everyday showers etc.Community Acute Care nurses came here from February to December every couple of days th do wounds etc. They are real angels in my life and their work was very appreciated by me.Everytime we had a vist from them they asked  me if I was OK?.

He is far from a 100%, still not out of the woods yet. I have learnt that I am stronger than I thought, will not take any "stuff happens" and am not  quite well so multi skilled. Also I have learnt to advocate for him and myself if needed.

I am happy with what I have managed as a stroke survivor trying to look after myself with this all happening around me.

I am just taking life day by day or minute by minute sometimes and managed by having faith and support around me.