Bachelor of Arts

Thursday, March 14 2019, 6:17PM

Two years ago I enrolled with Griffith University for a BA which could help my recovery.

I did the first four courses in 2017, but at the start of 2018 I had to walk away from anything for eight months because my beautiful dog died, and a month later my daughter-in-law in NZ died. I grieved so much.

I got back into the BA courses and have completed 9 of them. I am now doing my last first-year and my first second-year course. I have done more first-year courses than 'normal' people do, but it has taken me the entire time that I have been working that I am starting to remember things, and I have read so much more than I had since my stroke!

I won't finish this BA until the end of next year - or maybe 2021 even - but I fully intend that this is my goal for my recovery, and I am feeling proud for what I have done so far!

Louisa xx