The Guardianship Racket

Wednesday, April 19 2017, 7:56AM

Anyone who has suffered a brain injury resulting in admission to a public hospital is a candidate for induction into the guardianship racket. This entails a submission to a kangaroo court (AKA civil and administrative tribunal) either by a 'spotter' (commonly a social worker) or a family member with early inheritance syndrome. 


For the benefit of those fortunate enough to have never done business with a kangaroo court, these impossibly evil enterprises do not observe rules of evidence. Every 'proper' court on the planet respects rules of evidence as this defines what is 'evidence' and what is heresay.  Kangaroo courts can also 'inform themselves any way they wish, which means they can and do accept lies and innuendo when it suits their purpose. To add insult to injury, kangaroo courts are not required to determine the truth or otherwise. Just reflect on those points for a moment, Basically fair-dinkum evidence is ignored, lies are fine, and the truth is irrelevant. Just to cap it off, kangaroo courts can and do disable the appeal process and judicial review..  .


Involvement of the kangaroo court invariably results in the victim being found incompetent. Their assets will be forfeited to the criminal organization trading as the Public Trustee. Most victims will also be denied their own choice of legal / medical / financial professionals and the right to any say in their living arrangements.


Once in the guardianship racket, it is well nigh impossible to escape. All assets will be embezzled by the Public Trustee and no amount of medical evidence will be sufficient for the victim to get their life back.The kangaroo courts actually manufacture evidence against victims who challenge them and they conspire with the Public Trustee and crooked medical professionals to ensure victims stay in the clutches of the guardianship racket until all their assets have been stolen or they die. 


I am an advocate for thousands of victims and I can provide some assistance without charge to anyone in this situation, however it is imperative that victims and members of their support network provide the necessary information promptly as I simply do not have the time, patience or resources to keep chasing people. I get hundreds of emails a week from victims and most cannot be helped because they can't / won't / couldn't be bothered to help themselves. Note that I don't get funding from anyone or anything, I am an age pensioner with a pathological contempt for the establishment, especially official scum who exploit the vulnerable.


There are solutions but getting them involves a team effort and there is no 'i' in team. Rely on lawyers if you wish although I've yet to encounter any situation that was resolved purely through the actions of the legal fraternity. .Lawyers start well behind the 8-ball in this environment because as 'officers of the court' they cannot and will not say the things that need to be said. A related issue is that kangaroo courts have the authority to destroy a lawyers career ( without a shred of evidence) if the lawyer is seen as a threat to the guardianship racket. Being nice to dangerous reptiles won't achieve anything of value (remember the warning 'don't smile at a crocodile ?)  Make no mistake, the creatures on the bench in kangaroo courts are satanic psychopaths obsessed with destroying lives, and after dealing with over two thousand cases I'm well qualified to make that assertion. 


Many people tell me I'm too angry, however I challenge anyone to deal with as much damage to victim's lives as I have done and not be angry. We have official organizations that were ostensibly established to protect the interests of vulnerable people, but which have metamorphosed into abusive, predatory and destructive enterprises interested only in how quickly they can misappropriate all assets belonging to their victims.  If victims die in the process, and hundreds have, then that is all the better as they can't challenge the guardianship racket from the grave.