Logistics is the watchword

Friday, January 04 2019, 4:23PM

my new year resolution going along nicely . I’ve been a lazy boy for last year ,relying on wheelchairs and mobility scooter , and not doing any walking with my stick ,my left arm and leg are hanging like tree limbs , I can feel them , they  only don’t want to respond fully , ive had an ever so small movement in some fingers , but I’ve gone backwards in the leg by not keeping up the walking . 

i can drive now one handed and my 20yo van has a chair lift , but I’m too scared to operate it with me on it ,in case I get the remote buttons mixed and I send myself crashing to the ground , so I have been researching the world of YouTube ,  looking for inspiration on how to get a wheelchair in the van with only one hand , of course being a male I wanted the ultimate carbon fiber model as light as a feather with quick detachable wheels  . Well that’s Not  going to happen in Australia , so it’s a dead end for quite a few months , till finally in desperation . I tried another way , I stand up from the chair open the side door .sit on the ledge and grapple the chair , to my amazement as I lifted the front wheels the chair could be brought on its back to the van step , front wheels inside I just hold on like grim death  and roll back inside and the chair rolls up and in , , ureeka moment      I’ve just got to get an easier way of getting up from my back , as I lay inside the van like an upturned turtle  but it’s happening , 

no expensive equipment just trial and the determination that frustration brings . Previously I’d go out for a little spin but couldn’t get out of the car because of no chair ,I’d buy kfc  from the drive and eat it in the park car park watching the ducks  it’s was freedom of sorts , I expanded my diet to fish n chips by phoning from right outside the shop and it was brought out to me with the exact change of my note ,so with logistics many things are possible , I learnt a painful lesson last week I got out the car with my stick and thought to walk a few steps , but this “ smart boy “ who was driving bare feeted and i , soon found out mid walk that the concrete was boiling hot , talk about a cat on a hot tin roof , I couldn’t hop with only one foot useable , it was agony but with no other choice I completed my journey back to the van, ive lost skin on both feet ,but gained a painfull lesson , I must follow the logistics, on all tasks away from home ground , plan plan plan from now on