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Wednesday, April 11 2018, 7:52PM

As e are going to have a guest at our stroke group tomorrow with expertise on vocaliseation ,I can speak well but others in the group are struggling ,but it made me think, do I really have to speak , I've made so many plain and direct directions to people on the phone and they only hear what they want to hear , it,got so bad I felt like asking at the end of our conversation , "What did I say" in the hope their restating ,I might pick up on ant errors , but it seemed rude ,so I will practice another way of clearly getting my message across , of recent I have a question I might ask an organisatio over the phone and only getting the general area of the question out ,I am bombarded with an aval of information on every sort of things , I get so frustrated when the spiel has a lull that I've forgotten my one simple question , it reminded me of the time I applied with about 100 others to be Samaritain phone line caller , it was a strenious vetting process but I remembered why I did not make it to the Lenexa level of candidate , we had questions like " what would you do if a woman called saying she had just lost a child or discovered she had cancer eat. My responses to both types of calls was to refer them to groups of likewise affected in their area ,because a trouble shared is a trouble halved , I thought , and I was a dogwood ear who was out of his depth anyway with those type of questions , what could I personally say or do to for their company , help , and there Lily's the rub , my limitations as a man , who wanted to Fix Things was useless hear , it was explained to me why I failed was " I didn't  Listen" I learnt a valuable lesson , which was just to listen to there problems is sometimes all we can do , now I am very awaere of seeing my faults in others , so perhaps I have a hair trigger , experts can train their telephone operators to acknowledge the caller along with their emotions and  by saying I understand your issue and concerns ect , very skillfully defusing a possible complaint ,so I have the dllema  of if I can't say what I mean what's the use in talking anyway, , but I bet those strokes affected by non vocal capacity would not agree , as I bet they would have words of importance to share with the word,  always end with a joke , prof Steven Hawkins passed recently and a bit of trivia I thought amusing , ok he was the highest life form of scietif intelligence on earth with every concievi appliance to get him around and communicating , so he was offered a better software for his electronic voice box , so instead of sounding like a Dalek he could have a cultured human voice, he refused it because "he liked sounding like a Dalek,   So why should I worry about lack of communication , just have the same sense of humor ,  I don't go looking for trouble also , so I'm holding off on voice activation of my iPad and phone , if it's anything like the computerized telephone responses I'll be pulling my hair out ,  I just tried to reply to a reply and halfway through I lost the cursor , so I'm lucid just non computer savvy to a great extent , if you find the errant cursor please send it home and forgive the reply to the reply breaking off.  Lol  jimbo in limbo.