Yoga - it's good for balance as well as your mind

Tuesday, March 05 2019, 4:24PM

Hi everyone. I haven't posted on here in ages so here goes.

Every Tuesday I visit a place called 'The Farm' at Meridan Plains, near where I live on the Sunny Coast of QLD. I have been going there for almost 2.5 years now (I used to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong) and been practising yoga there for the past 12 months.

Today my yoga teacher Tracey said, during practice, "You can't change the direction of the wind but you can change the sails to reach your destination". I loved the quote.

This famous quote from country singer Jimmy Dean really resonated with me as its interpretation is: "From this moment, you now have the awareness that you can change your emotions (sails) around any situation (wind) that has occurred in your life, and you can change the meaning to something that serves you and takes you in the direction you truly desire to go."

I firmly believe that it's HOW we deal with our stroke recovery that matters and the direction of our sails is up to us and us alone.


Yoga has helped me 'get things out of my head' and today, I actually managed the 'tree pose' by balancing on one leg - one thing I have not been able to do at yoga until today. My balance has improved enormously and visiting the gym twice weekly has helped too. If you have never tried it and think it won't help you, or you won't be any good at it - just try it once and I am sure you will change your mind.

Just keep moving, keep doing and of course resting, and hope that you can adjust your sails accordingly.

Much love

Shelagh (Stroke Survivor of almost 6 years)