Speaking to Allied Health staff

Saturday, July 06 2019, 8:41PM

Recently I took a trip to Perth, WA to watch State of Origin at Optus Stadium. What an amazing venue and a record crowd.

In speaking to an OT friend about my trip I was invited to speak at Charles Gairdner Hospital, talking about my in hospital journey and what I have achieved since.

This time I had a PowerPoint presentation to show, taking the audience focus on the display and away from me, it was the most comfortable I have felt while giving a talk.

In my talk I explained how I felt while in hospital and things I look back on that could be done differently for the benefit of current and future stroke survivors.

Being given the opportunity to speak, for me is a great honour that people feel I have something to contribute.

I take my inspiration from the friends I have made in the stroke community and the therapists who have given me so much hope during my recovery.

Recovery is not a race it is a long and hard road, everyone's journey is different but we all have something in common.


 Thank you for all your help and support with this talk Judith, you are such a wonderful person and an amazing OT.