Making beautiful language out of suffering

Sunday, October 13 2019, 5:44PM

Living the reality of a chronic health condition or any health condition where suddenly there is a whole other language to understand. And that language of symptoms, diagnosis, medication, treatment and recovery is full of words which can appear harsh, rigid, detached to human spirit. I felt that, I felt that harshness and hollowness as I lived through my own experience. 

I watch and wonder about the people who now suddenly find themselves in the centre of this now.  Trying to match the information presented to them, to their lives. 

It's why I try to make my language of sickness, of loss, somehow beautiful. I think of people suffering, of burning brains and noisy hospitals with beeps and fluorescent lights. I want to wash it all away with a waterfall of compassion and healing. So I continue to think healing thoughts.

It was first a symptom.

Then a diagnosis.

Then a medical emergency.

Then a loss.

Then nothing and everything all at once.

I'm not giving what I lived through a label, because it was so enormous.

And that is what I needed to make sense of.

To put into order, so I could continue to live.

My life.