Book review: Stronger after Stroke – your roadmap to recovery, by Peter Levine

Monday, April 11 2016, 10:28AM

Stronger after Stroke is not a novel or a story, but instead a brilliant guide to stroke rehabilitation. It’s simply loaded with information and advice for stroke survivors and carers wanting to take charge of their own recovery. Reading from cover to cover takes you from being a novice to an expert in stroke rehab – giving you knowledge that is invaluable in achieving the best possible recovery after a stroke.

The author, Peter Levine, provides clear explanations of the principles behind stroke recovery, discussing neuroplasticity and how ‘brain rewiring’ can be maximised. Major therapy techniques are described simply but in enough detail so that you can understand how these therapies may benefit you. Peter does tend to focus more on the physical issues after stroke, such as problems with walking or hand function, but the description of general recovery principles will be useful all stroke survivors and carers. As an American book, some references are American-based, however the vast majority of information is universal.

One of the best things about this book is that it empowers you to take charge of your own recovery. Peter challenges the notion of the ‘plateau’ being the end of recovery, giving you great advice for how to continue progressing. He makes no secret of the fact that recovery after stroke is about hard work and dedication, but there’s a real sense of hope throughout the book. Stronger after Stroke really is a must-read for any survivor and carer wanting to maximise their recovery. Keep it on the shelf and remember to refer back to it because it’s chock-full of excellent information.

Stroke survivors recommend this book too:

“Of the many books I have read, this was the most helpful and hopeful,” Elizabeth.

“One of the better books out there. Great if you are looking for a practical guide of what you can do and safe ways to tackle your goals,” Heather.

You can purchase Stronger After Stroke and read more about stroke recovery on Peter Levine's blog,

Katherine David, Physiotherapist, StrokeLine


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