I'm tired of being tired

Tuesday, January 04 2022, 5:19PM

One month after my stroke and with the  Christmas craziness out of way I find myself exhausted and emotional. I'm struggling with fatigue. I love to swim but can only manage about half an hour every 2nd day.

Today I made my first trip to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled. I nearly cried when presented with the bag of medications. I've had bags of groceries that were smaller.

I'm sure I can see the weeds growing in my garden but don't have the energy to do more than about 15 mins in the garden. My battery grass trimmer is a godsend and much as I hate weedkiller I have bought some to tackle the weeds coming up through the gravel areas.

I grow African Violets and am so glad I have so many in flower at the moment. Gives me the feeling I am achieving something. 

I am struggling with the cost of travelling to specialist appointments, having to travel up to 200kms for each one. I am on Jobseeker and I was surviving on my payment but had no savings so now find myself paying for fuel & medications on my credit card. I will have to completely reassess my budget to pay the CC bill. It's looking like I will have to live on $5 per day.

I can't get travel assistance because I drive myself and am embarrassed at having to ask specialists if they bulk bill or can refer me on to someone who does. So unfair as I have worked all my life and now multiple health conditions restrict the kind of work I can do, and that was before the stroke.