Advisory Group for a feasibility study of Nut supplementation to mitigate post-stroke cognitive decline (NUT-me)

Compelling evidence shows the positive effects of dietary patterns rich in foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, such as the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet), the DASH diet, and the MIND diet in reducing the risk of dementia and stroke.

A common point in these diets is the regular consumption of nuts, which have been investigated as a non-pharmacologic strategy to prevent age-associated cognitive impairment. Despite clear evidence of the benefits of nut intake for stroke prevention, no research has investigated its effects on post-stroke cognitive decline.

Thus, this pilot study will investigate the efficacy and feasibility of supplementing the habitual diet of stroke survivors with a supply of mixed nuts (containing Brazil nut, walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds) on mitigating post-stroke cognitive decline. The research team hypothesises that this simple dietary strategy will slow post-stroke cognitive decline and improve body composition and health biomarkers of stroke survivors.

Researchers at Monash University are currently seeking survivors of stroke to join an Advisory Group for this study. The Advisory Group will be consulted at the beginning of the trial in order to refine details related to the intervention such as recipes (barriers on cooking, texture, flavour, etc.), form of delivery (frequency of face-to-face appointments, delivery of the nuts, etc.). Further, the Group will be invited to monthly Steering Committee meetings and will provide insight in the development of information materials.

Consultation and meetings with the Group will take place online.


To find out more, contact Dr Barbara Cardoso by email or phone 03 9902 4264.