Co-designing a multicultural digital stroke education program

Who it's for: survivor of stroke, family member or carer, health professional, people who haven’t had a stroke

Where: online, in-person NSW

What it involves: interviews, workshops

University of Wollongong is conducting a research project called "Diverse Hearts – Co-designing a culturally tailored, evidence-based, digital education program to reduce stroke risk factors and promote mental well-being for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities."


People from Arabic, Dari, Chinese and Vietnamese-speaking communities are eligible if they:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or are a stroke survivor
  • Are able to speak Arabic, Dari, Mandarin or Vietnamese.

We are also looking to speak to:

  • Health professionals (cardiologist, stroke neurologists, geriatricians, general practitioners, nurses, and allied health professionals) with experience caring for people from multicultural communities.
  • People who work for non-government organisations such as the Stroke Foundation or Heart Foundation.


People from Arabic, Dari, Chinese and Vietnamese-speaking communities will take part in one focus group discussion, and a cultural adaptation and review session of the modules for the digital stroke education program.

  • The focus group discussion will run for approximately 90 minutes.
  • The cultural adaptation and review session will run for approximately 90 minutes, with sessions available over a 5-week period.
  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom, or in-person at Rosewood Cottage Support Centre, 22 Fullagar Road, Wentworthville, NSW 2145.

Healthcare professionals and people from non-government organisations will take part in:

  • A one-on-one semi-structured interview via Zoom that will run for approximately 90-minutes.
  • Review and feedback on at least 2 modules remotely and at their own time, which should take no more than 2 weeks to complete.


Participants/carers will be remunerated for their contribution ($50 per interview/focus group discussion/co-design session) and those attending in-person will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses.


Participant information sheet - English (DOCX 378 KB)
Participant information sheet - Arabic (DOCX 199 KB)
Participant information sheet - Dari (DOCX 300 KB)
Participant information sheet - Mandarin (DOCX 193 KB)
Participant information sheet - Vietnamese (DOCX 306 KB)

Participant information sheet - health professional & stakeholders (DOCX 380 KB)


Sabine Allida
Research Fellow

02 8763 6015