FoCCuS4HEART: Female Carers Co-produce Support for Heart and Emotional health to Address Risk facTors – workshop

Are you currently or have you previously been a carer for someone who has had a stroke? You can help!

Researchers from the University of Newcastle are inviting female carers for someone who has had a stroke, to help design a program to improve the overall wellbeing of caregivers.

The aim is to develop a program which would contain the necessary strategies and tools to help carers better manage their emotional and cardiovascular (heart, brain, and blood vessels) health while caregiving.

Your participation and input would help deepen our understanding of the physical and emotional strain caused by being a carer to a stroke survivor, and will hopefully improve and the overall health and quality of life for caregivers.

Who can participate in the research?

We are looking for the following people to participate:

  • Females aged 18 and over
  • Females who are informal carers for someone who has had a stroke. Informal care refers to a person such as a spouse, family member, and or friend who cares for a stroke survivor.

If you’re unsure if you fit these criteria, a discussion with the researchers can help you decide if this research is right for you. You can contact Dr Heidi Janssen at

If I take part, what will I be asked to do?

If you take part in the study, you will be asked to take part in a workshop at the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), or via an online platform to share your experiences and opinions.

Free, reserved parking will be provided.

The workshop will run for approximately 90 mins (maximum 2 hours with a break). Researchers will encourage discussion around:

  • What is wanted in this type of program?
  • What might make it easy and hard for carers to regularly attend such a group?
  • What types of activities would interest carers?
  • What questions need to be included in a survey for carers when trying to understand what should be included in the program?
  • What things need to be in place to ensure safety?
  • How can we make sure such a group is suitable for most people who provide care for stroke survivors?

Dr Heidi Janssen, physiotherapist and stroke researcher, will help facilitate the workshop.

You may also be invited to come back for more workshops to make sure it meets the needs of carers in the community.

Register your interest

To find out more or to register your interest please contact our team on (02) 4921 4037, or

Participant information sheet (PDF 191 KB)