Food Choices after Stroke: A cross sectional analysis of the current diet and eating behaviour of stroke survivors

This study aims to explore the current dietary intake and eating patterns of stroke survivors and to understand the factors affecting their food choices.

Stroke/TIA survivors will be invited to complete 2 Online surveys:

  1. A food choices survey asking if their diet has changed since having their stroke and what the factors affecting their diet.
  2. The Australian Eating Survey which will tell us about their usual dietary intake.

We will also be conducting some individual interviews with participants who indicate that they would like to participate further. These will be to gather more in-depth information on the factors affecting food choices.

We will use the data collected to inform the development of a diet program to help stroke survivors eat a healthier diet. Go to Food Choices After Stroke Survey | HMRI


For further information, please contact research team:
Associate Professor Lesley MacDonald-Wicks by email: or phone: (02) 4921 6646
Karly Zacharia by email: or phone: 0419801450

Participant information sheet (DOCX 52 KB)