Healthcare service experiences of young adults with stroke

This Monash University research project is exploring whether and how existing healthcare services in the community are meeting the needs of younger adults who have had a stroke. The project is also looking at how existing services are not meeting the needs of people who have had a stroke.

Participation is open to:

  • People who have had a stroke in the past 10 years, were aged 18–45 when they had their stroke, and have accessed healthcare services for their stroke-related needs.
  • Carers, family or other people who support a young adult with stroke.
  • Clinicians who provide rehabilitation or allied health assessments or therapies for young adults who have had a stroke.

All participants must be in Australia.

Participation involves completing a questionnaire and a potential interview. Each would take approximately one hour.

You can choose to complete the questionnaire on the internet, in hard copy or by telephone or video call with one of the researchers. The interview can be conducted on the telephone, using Zoom, or in person at Monash University or Alfred Health.


To participate, please contact the project manager, Melita Giummarra (,  03 9903 9345), or the principal investigator, Natasha Lannin (, 0417 135 153)

Participant information sheet - Young adults (DOCX 56 KB)
Participant information sheet - Carer/family (DOCX 54 KB)
Participant information sheet - Clinicians (DOCX 54 KB)