Keeping to an exercise program: an Adherence Counselling Toolkit for health professionals working with stroke survivors

The ACTnow study

Adhering to exercise programs can be challenging for stroke survivors, and there is a need for strategies to enhance adherence to home programs for optimal benefit.

This project aims to develop and test a toolkit for health professionals and stroke survivors to improve long-term adherence to exercise programs.

Participants (stroke survivors, carers, health professionals and service managers) will be asked to complete a survey which should take approximately 10 minutes (electronic or paper-based). The survey will explore your thoughts regarding exercise adherence following stroke and your opinions about what content and mode of delivery should be included in the toolkit.

Follow the link relevant to you for more information and to complete the survey:


If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Dr Tamina Levy via email: or the research team on 08 7221 8335.