Online aphasia therapy trial

For: Survivors of stroke

To: Test a new therapy or method

Where: Online (Australia)



Researchers from La Trobe University are looking for people with aphasia to trial an online aphasia therapy called M-MAT Tele.

M-MAT Tele is a group therapy that aims to improve talking for people with aphasia.

A speech pathologist provides therapy to a group of three (3) people with aphasia.


You could be eligible if you:

  • Have aphasia after stroke
  • Spoke English before the stroke
  • Don't have another neurological condition (for example: head injury, dementia)
  • Can start therapy 3–12 months after the stroke
  • Can use a tablet, iPad or computer for online therapy
  • Don't have severe slurred speech or severe apraxia of speech (the team can check for you).



You would receive thirty (30) hours of online therapy.

Therapy would be two hours per day, three days each week over five weeks.

You can continue other therapy as well. There would be no charge for this therapy.



Dr John Pierce, Speech Pathology researcher at La Trobe University.

Phone: (03) 9479 6096