OPTICS: Outcome PredicTion in IntraCerebral haemorrhage Study

Who it's for: Survivors of stroke, family members or carers
What it involves: Survey and/or focus group
Where: Online (anywhere) and in-person NSW


Researchers from The George Institute are aiming to develop computer software using machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), that can assist doctors in their treatment of patients diagnosed with intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). ICH is a type of stroke caused by sudden bleeding in the brain.

The team are seeking assistance from people connected to ICH in some way, to support the beginning of the research project by gathering perceptions, opinions, and openness towards a doctor using AI software in the prognosis and treatment process after ICH.


  • Adults (aged 18 or over)
  • Have had intracerebral haemorrhage in the past, OR
  • Have lived experience as primary carer for an individual with intracerebral haemorrhage
  • English spoken as primary language.


Participants can opt for either or both activities:

  • Online survey (10 minutes)
  • Focus group (90 minutes) – either or via Zoom or in person at The George Institute, Newtown, Sydney NSW.


  • Online survey = $10 gift card
  • Focus group = $45 gift card


Participant information sheet (DOCX 30 KB)


If you are interested in being interviewed, please email Darcy Ryan on dryan@georgeinstitute.org.au