Unmet needs of support people of survivors of stroke

Who it's for: Family members or carers
What it involves: Survey
Where: Online (Australia)


People who provide informal care to survivors of stroke are invited to participate in a national survey to understand if their needs in this role are being met.

This study, led by researchers at Monash University, will explore whether the type and extent of unmet needs have changed since the Australian Stroke Survivor and Carer Needs Assessment project conducted in 2014.

It will provide important information for improved community services and additional support strategies for survivors of stroke and their primary support persons.


  • People who are more than 18 years of age
  • Identify as assisting a survivor of stroke who is independently living in the community.


The survey will take approximately 15–20 minutes to complete. The survey can be completed online, by post or over the phone with a member of the research team.

Access the online survey


Participant information sheet (DOCX 36 KB)


For more information please contact Shaun Hancock, PhD student at Monash University via email Shaun.hancock@monash.edu