Validation of the Nine Hole Peg Test administered via telehealth with stroke survivors

Are you a survivor of stroke, based in Sydney or Melbourne, with ongoing challenges using your affected hand?

This study from St Vincent's Health Network will examine the administration of assessments for the hand and arm via telehealth.

The Nine Hole Peg Test is a commonly used standardised measure for assessing hand dexterity after stroke. It is used by therapists to help plan interventions and measure change in hand function over time.

This test is useful because it is light, portable and easy to administer face-to-face, however further testing is required to validate the use of the Nine Hole Peg Test when administered via telehealth.

The findings from the study will help in identifying how upper limb assessments can be administered remotely to support telehealth delivery of upper limb therapy to people in remote and regional areas.

Participants can be seen either at home, or onsite in Auburn, Melbourne or Darlinghurst, Sydney.

To be eligible for this study participants must:

  • Be aged 18 years and over
  • Have previously experienced a stroke
  • Have mild to moderate difficulties using your affected arm and hand in daily tasks
  • Willing to give written informed consent
  • Able to understand and respond to questions about your experiences
  • Be able to follow instructions and participate in assessments of your arm and hand with or without the assistance of a supporter
  • Have adequate vision (with or without glasses) to participate in a telehealth (video) session.


If you would like further information about the study, or would be interested in participating, please contact Dr Lauren Christie (Coordinating Principal Investigator, Occupational Therapist) on 0436 853 797 or

Participant information sheet (DOC 485 KB)