Stroke Association of Victoria

Vision: A life after stroke for everyone.

Mission: Provide every stroke survivor and carer access to the information and support services they need to re-engage with their community.

Impact: Provision of community-based support services in every region of Victoria to aid in recovery post clinical care, with documented measurable outcomes.

The Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) is the only dedicated community-based support service for people re-entering their lives after having a stroke. We are developing Stroke Support Centres across Victoria, focused on ensuring community inclusion for stroke survivors.

Our Stroke Support Centres aim to bridge the gap from discharge to community re-engagement. Through effective connections with community, general practitioners and allied-health providers, we aim to assist each stroke survivor with their longer-term recovery. We do this through non-clinical, community-based support and self-led recovery including communication, mood, mobility and community engagement.


Phone (03) 9670 1117