Designing a dance intervention for survivors of stroke

Who it’s for: Survivors of stroke
What it involves: Interview
Where: Online (Australia)


Researchers from The University of Queensland and La Trobe University would like to co-design a dance intervention for survivors of stroke with or without aphasia, which is safe and promotes improvements in health, emotional and social wellbeing.


  • Adult aged at least 18 years of age and living in the community
  • Your stroke was more than 1 month ago
  • Have independent mobility and no history of a cognitive condition.

Participants do not need to have prior experience of dance.


Participation involves taking part in an online small group discussion that will take no more than two (2) hours. The researchers will ask you what you think about partner dance styles and want you would want from a dance intervention.


Participant information sheet (DOCX 446 KB)


Morgan Perry, Research Assistant, La Trobe University by phone on 0433 434 883 or email