Psychoeducation package for young survivors of stroke

Co-designing a psychoeducation package to enhance psychosocial wellbeing for young adults living with stroke

Who it’s for: Survivors of stroke, family members or carers
What it involves: Workshop
Where: Online (Australia)


Researchers from La Trobe University are co-designing an accessible, inclusive package of clinician-delivered education and other resources with information about the ‘invisible’ challenges experienced by young adult survivors of stroke, including mental health, fatigue and cognitive challenges.

The aim of the psychoeducation package is to address and prevent psychological and cognitive challenges in young survivors of stroke.


  • Young survivors of stroke who had their stroke at age 18–45 years old – including people with aphasia
  • A support person of a young survivor of stroke (e.g. family member, friend, support worker)
  • Living in Australia


Two 90-minute focus groups over Zoom to contribute your perspectives on the content and delivery of the psychoeducation package.

  1. The first focus group will involve discussing initial ideas about what to include in the psychoeducation package and how it should be delivered. This will take place between June–July 2024.
  2. The second focus group will discuss the prototypes that have been developed by the research team. This will occur around September–October 2024.


Information sheet for survivors (DOCX 1.05 MB)
Information sheet for support people (DOCX 65 KB)


Michaela Grech
Phone: 0426 267 177

Associate Professor Dana Wong
Phone: 03 9479 5079