What to expect in the first few days

You will usually be admitted to hospital via the emergency department. The doctors will do a range of tests to make sure the symptoms are definitely due to stroke. They will work out the type of stroke, find out what area of the brain was damaged and how severe the damage is. If possible, they will find out and start treating the cause of the stroke to help prevent you from having another one.

Everyone will need a different set of tests. These include brain scans, heart tests and blood tests. Regular observations will also be taken to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, oxygen levels and breathing pattern.

You will have one-on-one assessments with members of the treating team as soon as possible after your stroke. Each team member will focus on a different part of your care but the team will work together to meet your needs. 

You will be taken to hospital.

The doctors will do tests.

The doctors will find out what happened to you.

The doctors will try to stop further damage to your brain.

Different people will visit you to help you get better.

For example:

A neurologist is a doctor who will talk to you about your brain.

A rehabilitation physician is a doctor who can help you get back to normal.

A physiotherapist will help you to move again.

An occupational therapist will help you do things like getting dressed.

A speech pathologist will help you to talk, eat and swallow again.

A dietitian will teach you about what to eat.

A social worker will help you get the services you need.

A psychologist will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

These people work together as a team to look after you.


The doctors might give you medicine to help blood flow to your brain. 

This is called thrombolysis.

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